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Monday, June 30, 2014

Organize your home in 30 days

I recently lead a group of nearly 150 friends & family as we organized our home.  Each day in the month of June we tackled a different area of our home and shared our successes and challenges with each other. It was a great support system and kept me accountable!

june challenge

The tasks were sometimes time consuming and took a lot of planning and effort but the end results were worth it!

If you want to organize your home too just follow these daily challenges.

Good luck!

june 1

June 2

june 3

june 4

june 5

june 6

june 7

june 8

june 9

june 10

June 11

june 12

june 13

june 14

june 15

june 16

june 17

june 18

june 19

june 20

june 21

june 22

june 23

june 24

june 25

june 26

june 27

june 28

june 29

june 30

If you follow along we would love to see your successes and ideas on organizing.  Please share tips and before & after photos to refreshinglychic@gmail.com or on our Facebook page!

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