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Friday, September 7, 2012

girls’ bedroom!

Our girls’ bedroom is (almost) finished!

There are still a few things on our To Do List.   Like … reupholster & refinish their chair and find/hang art above their dollhouse.

However, we are calling it “done” for now.  The next few projects their room will come later, when we find a bit more free time.

Let’s first remember what their bedroom looked like BEFORE.

This was Bella’s big girl room when Lilly was in the nursery (which is now the playroom … seen here).

IMGP7537 IMGP7540IMGP7543

We needed a make-over for this room for many reasons.

1 – the girls are now sharing a room so we needed to make room for two beds and double the clothing storage.

2 – the carpet was from the previous owners and icky icky icky after many juice spills and baby spit up.

3 – it was cluttered!!! We were able to put almost all of the toys in the playroom, which eliminated a big portion of the problem.  The rest we were able to organize and find better storage solutions.

Which brings me to the closet BEFORE.


Packed full of toys and clothes (only Bella’s at this point).

We started planning the room and then got to work!


First we installed new VCT flooring (tutorial seen here) in a striped pattern, which I love!


Next we purchased the girls’ bedding as a way to jumpstart our color scheme.


I purchased the Savannah toddler duvet cover (on sale) from Pottery Barn Kids for each of the girls’ beds.


This bedding can be purchased here.

Next we painted the walls and trim, then painted and installed the baseboards.  We painted the bottom of the walls (under the chair rail) a shade darker than the top of the walls.  This added a bit of interest in a subtle way.


I found these Nantucket toddler beds on Craigslist and thought they were perfect for the space.



Above the beds I made a simple banner with the girls’ names using decorations from Tyler’s 30th Surprise Party.

(Can you spot the banner in my post from his party?)


The Barbie prints I made are displayed above the chair rail over their beds.

Tutorial on the Barbie prints can be seen here.



We reused their bookcase and turned it into a dollhouse using scrapbook paper to make wallpaper and flooring.  This project is still a work in progress.  I’m excited to continue decorating this house!

We also reused our drapery hardware from Bella’s bedroom.  Luckily my sister had these Pottery Barn drapery panels hanging in her new home when they moved in.  Since she has two boys (with baby boy #3 on the way) they have no use for pink window treatments!


They are perfect for their bedroom!

We moved in their furniture and accessories and beautiful art painted for the girls over the years by my Dad … and it transformed the space into a cozy room!





We added shoe storage, drawers for PJs, bathing suits and dance clothes in their closet, in addition to hanging rods and shelves.


Each girl also has a hook to hang her backpack or dance bag!


We hope the girls love their room for years to come! It was so much fun designing the space on budget and relying on creativity to find practical solutions to our design dilemmas!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

before and after ….

Once again, I’ve fallen very behind on my bog posts.

Mainly because we have been so busy with our girls’ bedroom.


(Details on their room is the next post on my list to write!)

So I thought some before and after photos of a few of the projects we’ve worked on over the past few months would be fun!

We hope this provides some inspiration!