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Furniture, accessories and all things design are our passion. We love to find treasures and give them a new life in hopes of bringing extra character to your home. Reusing and recycling is essential to being environmentally friendly and allows you to see beyond imperfections and capture the beauty in all things. Refreshingly Chic has a growing inventory of refinished furniture and accessories for sale. We also customize, refinish and retrofit pieces for clients and can work with existing pieces you already own.
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

{our} coffee table

Tyler’s sister donated this coffee table to us after she graduated from college.


I know … we’re taking hand-me-down furniture from college “kids”.

But we aren’t ashamed.

We are slowly upgrading our house one piece at a time and if we get the furniture for free – even better!

This coffee table is near the media console we recently refinished (seen here) so we decided Antique White with a stained top would be perfect.



We love how it turned out (even though these aren’t the greatest photos) and will enjoy it for many many years.

Thanks Janet & Hill!

Snow White

IMGP0835This was Jennifer’s chest as a child and she wanted to freshen it up for her sweet daughter’s nursery.

She decided on our
Show White finish
and we replaced the hardware on the top drawers to compliment the green accents in her room.

Tyler made
(yes MADE)
a few new glides to replace the damaged ones and now the chest is good as new!

We hope it makes the perfect addition to your nursery!



Kelly recently emailed us about needing a dresser. We both found the same gorgeous dresser online & shared it with each other and realized it was clear this was the “one”.


Kelly and Robert selected Snow White for their new room and decided to keep the beautiful original hardware.


We love how this dresser turned out!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

{chic recycling} kid’s folding chairs

In a few short weeks we’ll be hosting a Tea Party to celebrate Lilly turning one! We needed more seating for the little ones so we’ve been on the hunt.

We found this set of fours folding chairs for $15.


They will be perfect for the party AND countless dinners & holidays with friends and family.  Plus we can store them easily which is a bonus.

IMGP0832At first glance they’re a little … loud.

And mismatched.

But we saw huge potential.

Remember our pink chalkboard table?

We wanted to match this table so we selected Krylon Watermelon spray paint.

Krylon is perfect for metal and less than $4 a can at Walmart!

We took apart the chairs then primed and painted them after a light sanding. When painting metal, always be sure to do thin light coats of paint to prevent runs.


I found a zebra print vinyl fabric and purchased a yard & a half for a little less than $5. We needed something durable and easy to clean so this was a great solution. I know zebra is completely expected but my budget and options were limited … so it will do. Plus they can always be reupholstered down the road!


Cut the extra fabric once it is stapled in place and reattach your cushions.


Only $28.50 spent TOTAL on this project and we have 4 adorable chairs for Miss Lilly and her friends.


Stay tuned to see our coffee table project & how it’s incorporated into Lilly’s Tea Party!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

{china cabinet}

This china cabinet was a great find and we wanted to give it a little added character with a fun pop of color!


We refinished the exterior in Snow White and painted the interior Robins Egg Blue. This is a {new color} for us and we love it!

We used a combination of existing and new hardware to give it a fresh feel.


Thanks to my lovely assistant for helping with the finishing touches!