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Furniture, accessories and all things design are our passion. We love to find treasures and give them a new life in hopes of bringing extra character to your home. Reusing and recycling is essential to being environmentally friendly and allows you to see beyond imperfections and capture the beauty in all things. Refreshingly Chic has a growing inventory of refinished furniture and accessories for sale. We also customize, refinish and retrofit pieces for clients and can work with existing pieces you already own.
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

workshop {one} UPDATE

We are excited about our first workshop and look forward to teaching you how to refinish furniture!

After receiving feedback on the workshop, we’ve decided to change the date of the workshop to Saturday, November 19th.

This date seems to work best for those who have shown interest so far & we hope it works with your schedule too.

If you can’t make it this time, don’t worry. We plan to have more workshops starting in early 2012.

If you would like to reserve your place at our workshop, please email us at refreshinglychic@gmail.com. We will work out details on what furniture you would like to bring, what color you want to refinish your piece in & payment options.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

workshop {one}

Ready to learn how to turn a fabulous flea market find into a treasured piece of furniture that will add character to your home?

We are hosting our first workshop to teach you how to refinish furniture!

You can learn techniques and applications to refinish furniture like these:




aleahs dresser beforeIMGP5962

Chic Workshop Details

…WHO …

Hosted by Refreshingly Chic
Your four teachers include Tyler, Allison, Emily & Jeremy


You will learn how to refinish a piece of furniture start to finish.

Each person will bring one piece of furniture and a guest & we provide the rest!

You will leave with a complete refinished piece of furniture {and} paint, glaze, brush and the KNOWLEDGE to refinish any piece of furniture.

All supplies & lunch will be provided.


Saturday, November 12th
(note: we changed the date to accommodate customers!)
Saturday, November 19th
9am – 3pm (or upon completion of furniture)


North Richland Hills, TX


$195 per person
One guest allowed per person at no additional charge.

Note: Minimum of 8 people required per workshop.

If you would like to sign up for the workshop or have additional questions, please email us at refreshinglychic@gmail.com

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

1,000 fans contest

We are nearing 1,000 fans on our Facebook page and want to celebrate this milestone with a contest!

We are looking for furniture that has great potential. A real hidden treasure that is in desperate need of a makeover!

Start climbing into your attic, digging in your garage, or searching flea markets & garage sales for the perfect candidate.

Send us a photo of a piece of furniture you feel has the most potential or in most need of a makeover.

Once we hit 1,000 fans we’ll post all photos received on our Facebook page & let the voting begin. The furniture with the most votes wins a free makeover from Refreshingly Chic! No one will go home empty handed … everyone who enters the contest will receive a discount on the furniture they submit.

Good luck and start sending photos our way!

Email us at refreshinglychic@gmail.com and use “1,000 fans contest” as the subject.

Please one entry per person.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

{chic recycling} Anniversary gift

We love being green at Refreshingly Chic!

Not only do we refinish vintage & antique furniture but we like to think outside the box and find new ways to use tired furniture, or components of old furniture.

We will share our {chic recycling} ideas here & give tutorials on how you can achieve the same look for yourselves!

*  *  *  *  *

Six years ago today, Tyler & I (Allison) got married so we thought it would be perfect share my anniversary gift to him.


I loved the idea of showcasing locations of where we met, got married and now live using old maps!

For this project I used old drawers as my “canvas”. This wood is fabulous, solid and has great character. I particularly love the exposed nails from where the drawers were construction.

The boards were already a perfect size so we cleaned them up a bit and used 3 strips of wood to secure the two boards together. Simply use wood glue between the two drawer boards and again to adhere the 3 strips of wood on the back.

Clamp the boards together so it dries securely and wipe of excess glue.


After the glue dries (I let mine dry overnight) remove the clamps and you should have 3 solid boards.


Next find some maps. Dig through old drawers, ask friends & family or purchase them at your local grocery store or gas station. My mother-in-law had some lying around that she gave me. Thanks Janet!!


Find the areas you want to display and cut a heart with the center point being your desired location.

I cut out 3 hearts, but cut as many or few as you like!

I also used my Cricut to cut out my lettering from the maps.

Now gather the rest of your supplies … Mod Podge, paint brush and ruler.


Use your ruler to find the center of your board. Apply your heart and letters to the board using your mod podge.


Be sure to put a coat under the maps and a coat over the whole board to give a uniform look.


Let the boards dry and you’re done!

This project is easy & very inexpensive. I spent a total of ZERO dollars on this gift. The maps were donated, the old drawers were free (and being thrown away!) and I had the other supplies handy.


Have you recycled furniture in a creative way? Share with us and we can feature you on our blog!