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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Chic Party: Pancakes & Pajamas

My sweet Lilly turned two in December!


As you can probably tell, I’m really behind on my blogging.  It’s summer and I’m just now posting about her party.  Opps!

We had a pancakes and pajamas party and it has been my favorite party for the girls. What could be better? Sweet birthday girl. Comfy jammies. Family & friends. Pancakes. and Donuts!

I bought my invitations from Three Little Monkeys Studio and love them!

PancakesPJsInviteFINAL - Copy (2)

Since I have an inventory of furniture to be refinished in our garage, I pulled out a twin headboard and made a “bed” of of two folding tables and a quilt.


I also used a small table as a “nightstand” and it was perfect for our paper goods.

We, of course, had pancakes and they were YUMMY!  My husband made them from scratch and they were a huge hit.  He made them after our guests started to arrive so they were warm and quite possibly the best pancakes I’ve ever had!



We also had donut holes and donuts for the kids with a special pink donut for the birthday girl!



On the menu we also had a variety of muffins, fruit and cereal.

IMGP6291  IMGP6297 

Since the party was on a December morning it was nice having coffee and hot chocolate to keep us all warm and toasty!


We used Froot Loops to make necklaces and as part of the party decorations.  It’s an inexpensive and festive way to decorate for a pancakes and pajamas party.


IMGP6275  IMGP6280


We had a basket of dolls as the favors for all of Lilly’s friends.  The girls got dolls dressed in jammies and the boys got snuggly teddy bears.


Lilly got her own special doll dressed in pajamas that I had made from Dandelion Wishes.  She is such a sweet doll and Lilly loves her!

IMGP6496  IMGP6501

We had a perfect day and Grams even bought the girls matching pajamas for their baby dolls.




Thanks to our family and friends who made the day so special for Lilly!  And a big thanks to Mike for being Tyler’s sous chef.

IMGP6340 IMGP6329 IMGP6394IMGP6371 IMGP6396 IMGP6374IMGP6316  IMGP6322IMGP6325  IMGP6348IMGP6342 IMGP6479 IMGP6375IMGP6327


  1. Hi Allison,
    Oh my heavens what a WONDERFUL party. You did an awesome job with decorations--everything is so perfectly sweet. Thank you for giving me the honor of creating a special doll for your precious Lily.

  2. Absolutely DARLING! This party theme could be in our future.

  3. Oh, my goodness! This party was amazing! You really did a great job. Love the flower arrangements, the faux bed ... so cute!

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  5. I will be having this party for my niece's 4th birthday next week! Perfect for winter babies. I am so excited and thankful that you posted this. I even have some adults wanting this party for themselves. Lol. You did an amazing job.

  6. Your chic pajama and pancake party is really amazing. Planning to have such a great party at one of New York event venues. Will hire party planners for there as they will help in making this day awesome and memorable.