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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Aimee’s toy chest

Aimee brought us a toy chest that was her Mom’s as a child. Aimee has two little girls and wanted to freshen it up for them.


When working with an heirloom it’s important to keep the integrity of the piece.  We saw potential in the chest but wanted to be certain it still looked like Grandma’s toy box.

We refinished the chest in Antique White, with a subtle, light glaze.


We added two wood appliques and stenciled a damask design to the front of the chest to give it a bit of character.


Tyler built a new top and added a little trim detail to give it a bit of interest.


We refinished the interior of the chest with Antique Pink to give it a pop of color!


We also added safety hinges to ensure the lid closes slowly while the girls are playing.



  1. very pretty! can't wait to start planning the newest rooms at my house!

  2. Toy's chest are essential requirement for kids as kids are messy and they mess up all its room so parents should put all used toys for kids in chest kids easily get them.

  3. Hi, this toy chest is so pretty!
    I looked through your site and I love the work you do and now I'm following.
    Keep up a good work!!