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Furniture, accessories and all things design are our passion. We love to find treasures and give them a new life in hopes of bringing extra character to your home. Reusing and recycling is essential to being environmentally friendly and allows you to see beyond imperfections and capture the beauty in all things. Refreshingly Chic has a growing inventory of refinished furniture and accessories for sale. We also customize, refinish and retrofit pieces for clients and can work with existing pieces you already own.
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

1,000 Fans Contest begins TODAY!

We have reached 1,000 fans on our Facebook page! Thank you ALL for the support and “likes”. We appreciate every one of you.
Now let’s celebrate this milestone with a contest!
We are looking for furniture that has great potential. A real hidden treasure that is in desperate need of a makeover!
Climb into your attic, dig in your garage, or shop at flea market, garage sales or Craigslist for the perfect candidate.
Send us a photo of a piece of furniture you feel has the most potential or in most need of a makeover.
Email us the picture at refreshinglychic@gmail.com and use “1,000 fans contest” as the subject.
The furniture with the most votes wins a free makeover from Refreshingly Chic! However, no one will go home empty handed … everyone who enters the contest will receive a discount on the furniture they submit.
The contest begins {today} December 29th and votes will be accepted through January 6th.  The winner will be announced Saturday, January 7th!
Send them our Facebook page and ask them to “like” us. Tell them to click on our “1,000 Fans Contest” album and find your photo and leave a COMMENT about your furniture.
The photo with the most COMMENTS (not likes) wins! Simple.
If you are already a fan of our page, please show the contestants some love and vote for your favorite!
Good luck and keep sending photos our way!
Please one entry per person and one vote per person.


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